Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I hate being a mommy, and a lesson on sight

I hate being a mommy when I'm sick. It's not fun for me, it's fun for Matey up until he gets bored and wants me again, and it's not fun for my housemates who now have to deal with the bored little prince.

I was puking and other things yesterday/last night and while I'm better this morning I'm not on top. The beautiful baby is fine- not sick in any way (aside from a runny nose that is actually on the mend now).

I gave birth to a boy. Matey LOVES the construction machines outside our backyard (I know girls can like trucks ect. too, George loved that sort of stuff for the longest time). If someone is holding Matey and standing in the right spot he can see 2-3 diggers, loaders, whatevers. If Matey is sitting on the right part of the floor he can see the top half of one of the larger machines with an arm. However, when Matey goes up to the window himself because people are lazy and refuse to hold him all day, he can't see ANY of the machines. It confuses him greatly.

I'll hold him for a few minutes, then move him to the floor where he can see the workers. Matey will sit and watch them for a minute or less and then crawl over to the window and make noises at me cuz they're gone. So I pick him up and he watches them for a few minutes, then move him to the floor and it goes on and on.

When I feel better (hopefully in the next few days) I'll post pictures of me and the baby. thePirates been bugging me about this. Husbands. Sheesh. You'd think thier memory would be better. Can't even remember what we look like. Wants NEW pictures to see how we're growing...

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