Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Baskets!

Easter Baskets!

Matey had the basketball basket and Kyler got the Baseball basket.

Even though these were the same baskets they collected eggs in the day before, they both checked to make sure they were grabbing the "right" one (aside from the books the baskets were identical). 

 Between the time the picture above and the picture below were taken Matey mis-behaved leading to a time out. This is why Kyler is no longer in the background. 

All of his loot spread out. 

He got a chocolate bunny, the eggs collected from the day before, additional eggs, "cup cakes" (little debbie cakes), a Bert and Ernie pirate book, play dough, bubbles, sidewalk chalk in the shape of a bunny, and color pencil.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Egg Hunting.

I found a cute little flyer online that talked about a FREE Easter egg hunt, it was at a local park and there were going to be arts and crafts and food vendors there too, as well as some booths on keeping your children safe. It sounded like fun so we went. 

It was not fun. And while the Easter egg hunt WAS free the arts and crafts you had to pay for. We also found out after arriving that the egg hunt didn't start for another 2 hrs. 


So we left the poorly organized event, stopped at the store, got supplies for our own egg hunt and went home.

Matey and Kyler stuffing eggs. It didn't take Kyler long to realize that they would be eating the candy later and really STUFF them to capacity. 

They also colored some Real eggs. 

Matey has done one egg hunt before, but didn't really remember.
(can you spot the orange egg? he couldn't)

One of the last eggs, orange, as seen in the picture below. 

We kept telling them it was on the door. Eventually Kyler saw it and snatched it up.

It was a fun Saturday before Easter, not how I had planned but still turned out awesome. 

Tomorrow: Easter Baskets!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#1 and #2 (not for the squeamish)

Matey is such a big boy now! He is officially in Underwear all the time*! 
*Unless Mommy hasn't done laundry and then he has to be in pull-ups

 He likes to pee standing up and hates to sit. I still make him sit several times a day because he hasn't quite caught on when it's time for #2

What a good little big boy!

Next post: EASTER!

(as a side note I still have yet to find my camera, these are from my phone)