Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matey and Mommy

Hot (temperature wise, not physical attractiveness) in Las Vegas
 On the train to the GC (day1)
 GC day 1, ice cream on his face. 
 Shhh... we're sleeping in the tent...
 Playing with his cars in dirt. 
 Eating a strawberry for breakfast. 
 Bruised and bloodied for breakfast (ok its really soot, dirt and strawberry bits). 
 At the campsite. 
 I look pretty cute and that's all that matters right?
 GC day 2.
 Having fun at a bus stop.
 On a bus. 
 I call this: wild hair. You get it by taking a shower in the morning and then walking around the GC all day long. 
 This is Hermits Rest. Me, V and auntBeki are going to walk from Yaki point all the way over here to Hermits Rest. (from the eastern side of the park to the western)
 At the camp, playing in a dust/sand area he found.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Other People

Unlike most of the pictures I've posted suggest, we did in fact not go to the GC alone but with AuntVdonn and her wonderful Family. Why haven't I posted more pictures of them then? Well I'm apparently a little self centered and did not take very many pictures including them and even less that are just them. Sorry. 

Fred and George watering the tree with Matey. 
 Hey look- Fred's driving!
 She looks super comfortable in that seat too. 
 Elcid, V, George and one of the only pictures of Jr. I could find on my camera.
 George sat in front of us on the train and was the most in love with Matey (mostly because she could boss him and he would usually listen, he would listen to the other girls too but with George being the youngest she thought it was coolest) so I have the most pictures/half pictures of her. 
 This is a bad picture of the squirrel but includes Elcid so we're adding it.
 I don't know if he ever noticed, but on the train home there was a guy and his son in front of George who had an iPad and she sat like this for a long while. 
 Fred and Matey boy.
 Elcid and V packing up the tent. 

... sorry... I have more pictures that include the other people but they're all just pictures of Matey with other people in the way sort of thing. Next time I'll take more purposeful pictures of other people, especially when they're so nice to bring us along with them. 

Come back tomorrow for pictures of: Matey and Mommy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 2

Not a fabulous picture of either of us but Day 2 at the GC was all about the buses. Matey had *mostly* great fun on them and was always sad when they filled up before our turn and we had to wait for the next one. 
 When you go to the east and west side of the southern rim, which is where we were the second day, and stay out of the main/middle area of the southern rim, where we were the first day, there's more off roading you can do. Matey LOVED the climbing/hiking a lot and I can't wait to take him somewhere we can hike for reals. 
 Hey look- Real trees!
 Taking control of the leash so the Mommy can't hold him back anymore. 
 And of course: playing in dirt. So you see this outfit? The very boy top and the girl capri's I rolled up so they look more like shorts? NO ONE called him a girl in this outfit. Which is great, but after the first day when literally half the people thought he was a girl I just find it odd that when he's in real girl clothing no one called him a girl. 
 This is a picture of my cave. You can't really see it, I did a bad job. V has a better shot so hopefully she'll eventually update. 
 Matey and the shrubby trees that were all over. 
 I call this: Dead Baby. It's what he does when he doesn't want to do what you said. There's no hissy fit or kicking of feet and pounding of fists. Just a limp dead baby lying on the ground getting you mean looks from people walking past. 
Look! Another little cave! I wanna go exploring. 
 This is the same cave from the first cave picture but you can see it a little better with how the sun is shadowing it. 
 It really was pretty in places. Not all of it was amazing for me but certain areas did take my breath away.
 This is the little river what made the GC (if I understood what people were saying). I think it's the Colorado (?) river. 
 I don't see why people are so scared of falling, there's debris like this tree all over the side of the cliff just waiting to catch you in case you slip...
 He was on my back a lot of the second day. It killed my legs but I didn't know it until the next morning. 
 It was exhausting even though he didn't walk everywhere and fell asleep on the bus on the way back to the car. (Side note: he's not nursing or anything that's just how he crashed.)
So yeah, both days were fun but I liked the second day better I think. 

Come back tomorrow for: Pictures of Other People. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures by Matey

At V's house before we left for our trip. Picture includes: George, Marshmallow, and V
 V and marshmallow
 The train seat in front of us. 
 Taken from the train, of a Grand Canyon parking lot.
 The red car from the above picture. 
A pile of pine needles that the girls collected to toss on to the fire when grownups weren't looking.  
 The railroad tie that was the boundary line for our camp area.
 There was an outdoor sink area for people to wash dishes, you can see the floor, the side wall (it went up to counter height) and his finger.
 A jumble of Mommy and Matey body parts, taken at the sink area, he's sitting on the counter while I wash dishes in the outside sink. 
 Rock with moss at GC. 
 Picture of dirt at GC. 
 Another rock, this one he climbed. 
 Extreme close up of a rock in the sunlight. ... not his best work...
 Picture of Abuela (she came with Abeulo to pick us up at the airport). 
 The roof of Abuelo's van. 
He took more but these were the ones that had the least amount of fingers. 

Come back tomorrow for pictures of: The Grand Canyon Day 2.