Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 2

Not a fabulous picture of either of us but Day 2 at the GC was all about the buses. Matey had *mostly* great fun on them and was always sad when they filled up before our turn and we had to wait for the next one. 
 When you go to the east and west side of the southern rim, which is where we were the second day, and stay out of the main/middle area of the southern rim, where we were the first day, there's more off roading you can do. Matey LOVED the climbing/hiking a lot and I can't wait to take him somewhere we can hike for reals. 
 Hey look- Real trees!
 Taking control of the leash so the Mommy can't hold him back anymore. 
 And of course: playing in dirt. So you see this outfit? The very boy top and the girl capri's I rolled up so they look more like shorts? NO ONE called him a girl in this outfit. Which is great, but after the first day when literally half the people thought he was a girl I just find it odd that when he's in real girl clothing no one called him a girl. 
 This is a picture of my cave. You can't really see it, I did a bad job. V has a better shot so hopefully she'll eventually update. 
 Matey and the shrubby trees that were all over. 
 I call this: Dead Baby. It's what he does when he doesn't want to do what you said. There's no hissy fit or kicking of feet and pounding of fists. Just a limp dead baby lying on the ground getting you mean looks from people walking past. 
Look! Another little cave! I wanna go exploring. 
 This is the same cave from the first cave picture but you can see it a little better with how the sun is shadowing it. 
 It really was pretty in places. Not all of it was amazing for me but certain areas did take my breath away.
 This is the little river what made the GC (if I understood what people were saying). I think it's the Colorado (?) river. 
 I don't see why people are so scared of falling, there's debris like this tree all over the side of the cliff just waiting to catch you in case you slip...
 He was on my back a lot of the second day. It killed my legs but I didn't know it until the next morning. 
 It was exhausting even though he didn't walk everywhere and fell asleep on the bus on the way back to the car. (Side note: he's not nursing or anything that's just how he crashed.)
So yeah, both days were fun but I liked the second day better I think. 

Come back tomorrow for: Pictures of Other People. 


Valinda said...

Someday when I'm retired and you're so busy you can't think straight ... just you wait ...

I think I liked the 2nd day better too. The first day was good and all but the 2nd day we saw so much more!

An Wanna said...

Such a smart baby! He knows how to get other people to give you disapproving looks. He's seen that lots of people are bored of toddlers throwing fits so he came up with something better!