Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matey and Mommy

Hot (temperature wise, not physical attractiveness) in Las Vegas
 On the train to the GC (day1)
 GC day 1, ice cream on his face. 
 Shhh... we're sleeping in the tent...
 Playing with his cars in dirt. 
 Eating a strawberry for breakfast. 
 Bruised and bloodied for breakfast (ok its really soot, dirt and strawberry bits). 
 At the campsite. 
 I look pretty cute and that's all that matters right?
 GC day 2.
 Having fun at a bus stop.
 On a bus. 
 I call this: wild hair. You get it by taking a shower in the morning and then walking around the GC all day long. 
 This is Hermits Rest. Me, V and auntBeki are going to walk from Yaki point all the way over here to Hermits Rest. (from the eastern side of the park to the western)
 At the camp, playing in a dust/sand area he found.


Grammy said...

with or without Matey in the backpack? He and I can wait for the three of you at Hermit's Rest. You almost Never look like me and I turned my screen and asked Buh, "At a quick glance who does she look like in this picture?" and he said, "My mom" but while it DOES look like me at your age it is a bit embarrassing to admit it is the one you captioned "I look pretty cute..." It is the eyes and hair/face shape ~ I will have to find a picture of me to show you ;-} We don't have the same nose at all {
We do have the cutest 2 year old EVER in common! You really shouldn't beat him up before breakfast tho', people will talk xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

Make sure you stay out of the danger zone on your walk! The person on that sign wasn't having any fun at all!

Tami said...

@mom- no nan is going to watch matey and the girls with ElCid.

@nan- the danger zone is when you walk down into the canyon, where we'll be walking is along the rim. although I do want to walk in the canyon at some point.

Grammy said...

WHAT? Christopher and I are a package deal!!? Where will I be?! Hanging out with Aunt Sandy or something? . . . never mind, have fun walking the rim with V and Bek ;-}
When is this happening anyway?? I mean there ARE plans to make, Aunt Sandy will need to stockpile projects for me to help her with! jk

Grammy said...

ps, fyi and btw... Matey isn't really sleeping there mom!
Buh and I noticed yesterday but I forgot to mention it *.^