Sunday, May 1, 2011

Las Vegas

First thing he does when we get back from the GC? Play outside in the dirt.
 The alligator is getting marshmallow
 Playing with the dump truck.
 I'll give Las Vegas this: It does do good things for my hair.
 The morning we leave for PDX he just had to get dusty again.
 Lining up all the cars. (ANYTHING with wheels is a car)
 Buckling his seat belt for the plane.
 Sitting like a good boy. This is the best face he would give me.


Grammy said...

Buh wants to know if the alligator was saying rarrrh?
I think it is cool that he found water in Las Vegas, probably also cool that Marshmellow was NOT aware of what was actually chasing him, an alligator might have given him more to fear than Matey did - lol
What?? This whole vacation was ABOUT playing in dirt, yeesh Mom!
What an amazing little seat belt buckler he is ;-}
He doesn't understand your problem Mom, this is the only face he has :-Þ

AnWanna said...

Well the dirt in Vegas is very different from the GC dirt. He was probably conducting an experiment to see how different they were....

And good making him sit in his own seat! Had to pay for it this time. Someone should sit in it!