Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Super Cute Boy

This was taken on Mothers Day by Matey. 
 The park we go to most often has a wobbly bridge and it's one of Matey's favorite toys to play on. 
 Ain't he precious?
 Posing all cute on the rock for me. 
 Eating crackers. 
 More crackers.
 Hey look- A Stick!
 If you don't stop taking pictures of me woman I'll keep my face like this forever!
 He did not want to go in or stay in this little teepee thing but I made him anyway. 

We're having lots of fun and think that you should come have fun with us too!


An Wanna said...

Poor sad baby with excessive amounts of attention given to him! Some day he'll see that one Jim Carey movie and be like I totally know how that guy feels when he realizes he's being filmed all the time! What is that movie called? Truman show or something....

Karen Valinda said...

He looks happy in the teepee thing, and he loves crackers but that doesn't keep him from noticing the camera Mom! Grammy however, is Very grateful for the pictures... buy more crackers ;-Þ