Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photos from Mothers Day

For Mothers Day Matey and AnWanna made me breakfast. 

I'm pretty sure that they didn't really pull it out of the trash. 
 What does that clock say? 8:10? What a good boy for him to wake up later in the day? WRONG. He woke up at 6ish and AnWanna slept until 8 and then I got breakfast. 
 Putting it in.
 Pushing buttons.
 Is it done?
 I think so- It's nice and hot.
 A yummy breakfast of eggs, potato, and turkey sausage with raspberry lemonade juice and a bouquet of basil (plus a toy Matey thought should go on the plate too). 
 Oh yes, and a Balloon.
 Aww isn't he so cute to snuggle with Mommy on Mothers Day?
 ... showing me all the stuff they did... 
 ... eating my food... hey wait! What? 
No really. I got like 2 or 3 bites of the breakfast. But I can't really complain that he was actually eating something. Besides he did all that hard work to make it had to replenish his energy. 

It was a wonderful Mothers Day and Thanks to everyone who helped make it special.


An Wanna said...

We didn't get it out of the trash he was being good and threw away the trash without even being asked.

Grammy said...

He is the best boy for his mom! He saved you the effort of "chew and swallow" ! ;-}
I looks beautiful Tiney and NO blue egg whites OR blue milk, amazing ;-Þ

AnWanna said...

He was being a good boy and throwing away the trash without me even telling him.