Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventuring out of our bubble

I've been a little leery to venture out much. We go to two parks that are in walking distance, the mall, grocery shopping, ect. but not really seeing much of the city(ies) that we now live in. 

One of the reasons is that I don't know the area well myself and getting lost with Matey does not sound like fun. We have several friends who are from the area and know it well but they are all boys and not the best with children.

Our friend T is alright with kids and last Sunday was too beautiful to be indoors so we went to a nearby park. It was super nice, there was water and a walking trail and Matey LOVED it. 

This is one of the ships in the play area, if you look closely you can see his head through a window. 
 Peeping out the window. 
 Steering the ship.
 What are you doing up there?
 Come on guys! 
 He's got himself a fishing pole. 
 Testing the balance...
Yup, this seems good. Let's go back to the water. 

It was a great day to go and we all had a lot of fun (Matey prolly had the most though). Now that I know it's worth the trip I'm going to look into how to take a bus there so Matey and I can go whenever we choose. 


Grammy said...

As long as he only looks at sticks as fishing poles, we are fine. lol
Looks like a beautiful park! Matey will have to show Grammy where it is ;-}

Tami said...

Oh he dips the tips into water too. And the park is handily on the way (ish) to Costco so whenever you guys go there just add in a half hour to play at the park!