Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ducks make bread look good.

I don't know why but Matey will ONLY eat bread if the ducks are eating it. 

I give him sandwiches and he'll sometimes take a bite of the bread but usually just eats/licks off the insides. 

However when we go out to feed the ducks he holds a piece of bread and I hold a piece of bread and if his bread lasts the walk to the pond it's at least half eaten. Even if we don't take bread but other people are there with bread- he'll pick up bread pieces off the ground and eat them or mooch bread off the people and just sit and eat it while he watches them feed the ducks. 

When we went camping we had 'smores every night. Matey doesn't care for marshmallows and while there's chocolate available who needs graham crackers? Yesterday I gave him a chocolate cookie and he happily took it and wandered off. 

Later I went into the kitchen and found that our roommate had left her cookies within Matey reach and he had make a cookie sandwich- one of her cookies, the chocolate cookie, and another of her cookies. 

I swear he's the goofiest kid in the world. 


Grammy said...

oh please! He is a little gourmet. You must have missed the resemblance between his cookiewich and s'mores mom! He was recreating his vacation.
When he was younger all his bread went to the ducks so I agree, they must have made it look especially tasty xoxoxox

Valinda said...

He LOVED those marshmallows! Watching them burn up in the fire/on the end of his stick was a definite highlight of his evening.