Sunday, December 19, 2010

So about posting everyday...

I should re-name him Calvin (as in hobbes). He would be adorable and then sense the camera on him and screw his face up. While talking to myself I said "you just have to shut your eyes don't you?" he heard me and then refused to open his eyes at all whatsoever.

But at least he's smiling.... mostly...
I was trying to get him to open his eyes. He kept stabbing himself in his eye while saying the word instead.
Getting ready in the morning about to brush our teeth.
Helping move the laundry basket.
He's so helpful, won't even let me lift a finger.
I think this is the one where I said the thing about his eyes.
Matey is the best pusher.
He looks nekkid but wants you to know that he's not.
And last but not least- the most open he felt like showing his eyes this morning.
These are all fresh from today and there are lots to help make up for the fact that I was delinquent. Sorry about that.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Matey and thePirate

So here are some pictures of Matey and thePirate being reunited. When thePirate came back in Sep. Matey took to him like a duck to water- it was amazing and wonderful.

thePirate came in at like 1 or 2 am and so this is much later in the day. We went out for breakfast.
This is Matey looking at all the other kids who were also waiting for their daddies. A few of them would play with him, but they were mostly anti-new comers.
Another picture from breakfast.
Thats all for now!

Matey just came up and saw what I was doing and shouted "Dada!" He's so cute.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Your Glee

These are all from The Fair Sep. 2010.

A little angel in the restaurant building.

For some reason he kept "sleeping" on the table. He'd lie down, as seen below, pat the table and then look up and smile.
On the train in SillyVille with thePirate. It was the only ride he was big enough for.
This was a photo on the wall in the train station.
He played a game! It was pull a duck out of the water. He got half of the point- playing in the water.

This is the adorable stuffed duck that he won that I was silly enough to let him hold in his stroller while we walked around. It was never heard from or seen again.

I don't know whats up with this face. I swear he was happy with his backpack.
This is the beautiful stroller that HeatherandIris let us borrow because ours is hateful. It had a little tray that his snacks could go in, and his drink had a holder and he could reach everything. I miss it.
He had a lot of fun at the fair with Mommy and thePirate and Porter (pirates friend) AnWanna and Cora. Even though he couldn't engage in much of the activity (he was less than 1 1/2) he loved all the noise and excitement around him. He would clap and cheer and scream with the people on the rides around him, it was too cute.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hold On To Your Butts

Ha ha ha! I have a computer that works with my camera and the internets! Now I just have to wait for my battery charger to get here and I can take up to date pictures!

These are a little older: between september and october

Isn't he just such a happy baby?

OK, so maybe the people that call him a girl aren't completely insane.
He was helping the comcast person at thePirates house install internet there.
So cute.
His hair has darkened up since this was taken. He's still blonde, just more dirty now.

Well there you go! I'm going to try and put something up every day this week, so check back often!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

hey look! a picture!

This was taken at Matey's second Puyallup fair.

That was back in Sepetember. Sorry for the delay.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have the internets!


Stay tuned for new pictures of the cuties! All three of us!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pcitures of the Matey boy (Look! I've updated!)

This is at great grandma's house (she's great). It's just a random little creek that we found and since how I wouldn't let him go in the river I let him play in it.

The fig leaf is from a peek-a-boo book of his that he felt like ripping out of the book.

I think it's great.

This is on the plane... I don't know if it was the flight to Las Vegas or SeaTac or Boise... he's just a cutie.

Living up to being thePirates son.

His hands are being held for a reason however- he was not a fan of them (but he doesn't really like anything on his head).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here ya go Folks

The Matey boy, shoving chocolate in his mouth.

He had found someones unprotected candy bar in his reach...

He lives under the oven. Every day he unloads the obstacles and climbs in for bed.
(OK not really, but he does love unloading the drawer and climbing in)

One day Matey found a jalenpeno popper in his reach it was still frozen and Tastey! That is until it thawed a bit and jalenpeno juice got in his mouth.

If you eat a sticky old peep and then touch easter grass, it sticks on your hand real swell!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'll try harder. He weighs 19lbs 6oz and is 31" long. He's walking more but its still mostly for show or to get attention.

Friday, May 7, 2010

He did it AGAIN!

This is more than likely left over easter candy. It's a good shot of his faux-hawk too.

This is I know is easter candy. Hopefully this was also the last time he was in that particular car seat.

thePirate wears kilts (maybe he's an Irish Pirate) and to keep hims legs warm he wears long socks. Matey decided that he needed to wear them too.

He fell asleep again! With just snuggles! No nursing!

It was bedtime, we laid down, I tried to nurse him, he wasn't so interested, I decided that I'd give him a while to wind down, he just kept fidgeting/rolling around, I started to sing softly to him, he snuggled down and... fell asleep!

From like 10:20pm to 1somthing am! And then he slept from then to 6:45am when he woke up!

I'll let him wake up earlier without complaint if he'll fall asleep on his own and stay that way.

FYI- it's sad but true that him sleeping from 10-1 is an accomplishment. He usually wakes up around midnight if not 11 most nights to eat some more.

Things he's doing: trying to whistle.
I don't think it's on purpose that he's whistling, he like to make quasi-monkey noises forming an "o" and breathing in and out and recently on the exhales I've caught him making very soft whistling.
tottering around.
Before he would only take a few tottering "steps" towards me but now he'll take them away from me as well. It's still not regular (only once or twice a week) but I thought I'd include it because if he's walking yet is a major question I get. I don't include these totters as "steps" per say because it's more falling with style than walking. He'll lean towards something and then realize he needs to be just a bit closer or he'll land on his face so he moves a foot a few inches.

That's everything really new that he's doing. He's still cute and fun to watch.

Love for thePirate

Monday, May 3, 2010

Photo Pot-Pourri

Pictures of the man child (Matey) living life.

Behold him helping to unload the dishwasher:

The pie dish *was* clean. He had been sweeping before he started unloading. Matey is the hardest working 1yr old on the planet.

Behold him not touching things what he is not allowed to touch:

Unfortunately Matey is too smart for his own good. He knows he's not allowed to touch the VCR/PSP/Plants/Ect so lately he's taken to touching them with other things. Forks, pens, brushes, recorder, and as pictured above: an empty giant pixy stix.

Behold him loving his AnWanna:

He LOVES his AnWanna (he generally LOVES everyone after a day locked up with Mommy). On this day however AnWanna wasn't so much into loving him... Matey stayed outside her door for a good 5 min peeking under the crack, playing with the cord, shoving things into her room to no avail.

Behold Matey in the backpack:

Grammy loves Matey. Grammy loves to bake. Matey loves to be held. The solution is strapping him in while she bakes and best of all: She shares! It's a little hard to see but his mouth/face is smeared with... batter? cookie dough? Something yummy.

Behold Matey enjoying his birthday cake:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE his faces! This is a quintisential Matey face. A grinning sneaky nose wrinkle of a smile.

Love to thePirate.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Saga (part 3)

It was a lot of fun for everyone. We missed thePirate but we know he'll be there next year.

Birthday Saga (part 2)

I love his scrunch face at AnWanna.

Birthday Saga (part 1)

This is his cake and blowing out his candle. He doesn't touch the flame- I blew it out right before his little finger touched it. He looks a little ... nervous until he catches me smiling at him, then he's more ok with things.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

This is at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens.

It's the "Birth of Love" ... statue?

Matey looks cute anyway.

So last night I got hope (even if it was false) that Matey just might be able to sleep by himself before he's 12. I was feeding him to sleep and he wasn't interested and started playing with my phone so I let him play for 15 min and then hid my phone and tried to feed him on the second side.

He ate for a bit and then again came off and I figured he just needed to unwind some more, so I let him crawl off and just played dead hoping he'd crawl back and whine and then eat and fall asleep (which is what usually happens when I play dead).

But no! Matey crawled over me and nestled against my back and fell asleep! With nothing in his mouth! I still couldn't move without him twitching, and he didn't sleep the whole night through or anything, but him falling asleep with no aid is a wonderful and big step for him/us.

It gives me hope that some day just maybe he'll be done nursing altogether.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


(A picture from Easter)

I love my little Matey, he's the best. SO smart.

... sometimes too smart?

Before he went through a phase where everything I fed him he wanted to put into his mouth. If I slipped something into it he would spit it out, look at it and then place it back into his own mouth. Now he's doing something a little different: He demands that if I'm eating something with a fork, he needs to eat it with a fork too. But his own fork, and he needs to put the food on the fork.

Luckily he lets me help put the food on the fork because he can't. I'm sure it's a milestone and that it's a good thing but seriously... it's annoying. He has more fun putting the food on the fork than he does eating it, so when his mouth is full he just spits it all out and (generally) stabs it with the fork and it starts all over again...

In other news he is a standing fiend and I'm sure will be tottering around soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i WILL scream

So it seems very likely that I am allergic/sensitive to milk.

I still hold that Matey had issues with it when he was younger (gave him bad gas) but now it seems to not phase him at all.

It does seem to be negatively affecting me.

Not gas like he got, but headaches and fatigue.

I had started eating milk again to see if it would bother Matey on the 17th and everything went great. On the 18th I didn't eat any milk. On the 19th I had some more, worried it might have been too much. He's been great, a little stinky but nothing painful for him. I had a crushing headache last night and woke up completely tired.

I know being tired might not seem weird- I have a 1 year old now, but... not like "give me 5 min" but "give me 5 hours".

So now that I have less fear it will do harm to my darling precious I'll experiment with how much/what kind of dairy affects me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Matey Boy!

Matey is One Year Old TODAY!!!

He had lots of fun last week with thePirate in TX.

This was at the Ft.Worth Botanical Gardens (Very cool- shell out the couple of bucks for the Japanese Garden it's worth it).

This is Matey and Mommy at the ZOO! They had bronze animals outside of several displays and we took lots of photos. (This is an elephant)

These three are all at the Botanical Gardens.

Matey is in charge and livin' large.

He can: Stand unsupported, Walk assisted (push a toy in front of himself and walk), Scribble with a crayon, Understands "leave it alone", Stoops from standing, Loves putting things into/taking things out of everything, Gestures what he wants with an outstretched hand, Takes off clothing, Eats with fingers, Imitates others, and SO much more!

He can't wait to show off his new skills to all of you- plan your visit to us today!

(more TX pictures to follow in a late post)