Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Your Glee

These are all from The Fair Sep. 2010.

A little angel in the restaurant building.

For some reason he kept "sleeping" on the table. He'd lie down, as seen below, pat the table and then look up and smile.
On the train in SillyVille with thePirate. It was the only ride he was big enough for.
This was a photo on the wall in the train station.
He played a game! It was pull a duck out of the water. He got half of the point- playing in the water.

This is the adorable stuffed duck that he won that I was silly enough to let him hold in his stroller while we walked around. It was never heard from or seen again.

I don't know whats up with this face. I swear he was happy with his backpack.
This is the beautiful stroller that HeatherandIris let us borrow because ours is hateful. It had a little tray that his snacks could go in, and his drink had a holder and he could reach everything. I miss it.
He had a lot of fun at the fair with Mommy and thePirate and Porter (pirates friend) AnWanna and Cora. Even though he couldn't engage in much of the activity (he was less than 1 1/2) he loved all the noise and excitement around him. He would clap and cheer and scream with the people on the rides around him, it was too cute.


Valinda said...

We will HAVE to meet you at the fair one year!! Peter signed a contract before we were married that he'd take me, he didn't realize how serious I was, I'll have to remind him about that.

Karen Valinda said...

These pictures are amazing!!!
I am thrilled you put them on.
I had forgotten just how blond he was
I am sure the face had nothing to do with the backpack, he was figuring out something new or puzzling that he saw.
Keep posting so we will recognize him next week ;-}

AnWanna said...

Too bad we didn't get any pics of him hugging the other little kid in the restaurant building. And next year he will be big enough to ride something!