Sunday, December 27, 2009


Discovering that stockings are full of CANDY!

Silly Grammy is the cutest present.

Gosh... that tree could really use some re-decorating...

All this loot is MINE!

Opening presents.

Mommy helping to take the toys out of the cardboard.

This ornament needs to move...

Having to be changed- even on Christmas!

Wake up littleuncleJon! it's Christmas!

We had a very fun Christmas but missed all our family that wasn't there- especially thePirate.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nose Bleeds arn't fun

We were taking cute pictures of Matey for thePirate,

See: we're mailing Matey to thePirate

And then Matey pitched his weight forward and tumbled down the couple steps and onto the hardwood.

Sorry, no pictures of his bloody nose.

But here are some of us together because thePirate keeps wanting pictures of me too.

Matey however doesn't like to share the lime-light...

and refused to behave.

There were several more pictures but he wasn't looking and I didn't look good.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Happy Baby

Bringing you Holiday Cheer.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Smiley Joe

My bad- there is new things to report: AnWanna bruised my baby (she was just the closest when it happened, he fell when he turned his head to watch the food). Matey has discovered the hallway. He likes to crawl up and down and into the room with the Christmas Tree. And into AnWanna's room, and away from littleuncle Brents room.

Matey also likes to vacuum, or at least play with the vacuum cleaner.

He also likes to play with silverware, no plastic untensils for my boy.
(thePirate: click on this picture to see it big and read what Matey's shirt says.)
Also when you click for a bigger picture you can see his bruise: under his eye on your left, his right.

Matey doesn't like clothing. Taking it off or putting it on. I usually dress him all at once or in sections. On this day i had put on his new pants, and shoved the onesie over his head but he crawled off before I took the jumper from the overnight off. AnWanna decided there needed to be a picture.

He was playing with the tree while I was getting photos and then turned and spotted me and came and got me and gave me kisses and then went back to the tree.

Matey Loves the tree and wishes everyday could be Christmas-y.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby baby.

Nothing "new" to report- just posting cuteness.

This is Matey in his pack-n-play, there's a cord going from corner to corner diagonally and he loves holding it and walking up and down with it.

He can see them but he just can't touch them!

Here is Matey wearing one of our tree skirts as a ... robe? cape?

One word: Weird-o.

Matey LOVES to play piano.

Love for thePirate, and everyone else this holiday seasonings!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa

I have been a VERY good boy this year.

I test the strength of Grammys printer and give it an A+.

I help people write on the computer whenever possible.

I finish every last bite of food I'm given.
I help my Mommy unload the dish washer.

See, I've been the best little boy in the world. So for Christmas I want thePirate back home to play with, ok?

*as a side note I will not be doing santa with Matey, Santa being real and all of that won't be happening.

Also: Matey climbing up the dishwasher was a re-enactment of true events. I was putting dishes away and thought he was standing on the floor banging the bottom rack, and turned to find him standing on the lid banging the top rack. In the photo I'm holding on to him but in real life he was unsupported and giving me a heart attack.

While he does do a really good job of eating food- in the stuffing his face picture he's been given a piece of candy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fuji Film J38

I had been taking pictures and suddenly noticed that it was all blurry. I was upset because it was brand new and how could it be broken already? It wasn't broken- Matey had just drool bombed the lens.

Matey loves giving Mommy kisses... that or shmushing his nose against my face.


Having fun in the Jump-Up.

Look at that hair! I think its slowly but surely starting to darken. Not to brown, but a dirty blond instead of Platinum.

love for all.

Can you see what I see?

I have a New camera. It's pretty. Here are some pictures from it.

First: our Christmas tree.

Mommy and Matey

A surly look for you.

If you can't tell: Matey has got his face in a dish and the spoon in his other hand. I guess he was trying to lick it clean.
I think it takes loverly pictures and cant wait to post more.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Baby is stronger than YOUR baby...

Matey kept trying to head dive out of my arms, my friend Piper-Sue (with her baby) did a guided fall to show how/where they would land and they would stop diving out of her arms. So I decided to try with Matey. He was going to do a head dive and I gently guided him out of my arms and onto the floor.

Matey had other plans. As soon as his grubby little hands were close enough he put them out and started to cruise. So we had AnWanna video him for us. He doesn't usually veer into the couch (we've done this a few times now) but we do normally do it in the middle of the living room floor where there's not much for him to bump into.

I found the camera so be prepared for more and recent pictures.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving in time for Christmas

This is what we ate (there was more turkey, this is simply what was originally cut and brought to the table).

This is one of his thanksgiving shirts (he had two) and mine and AuntBeki's legs.

I'm pretty sure AuntBeki wasn't on the phone but maybe... the look on Mateys face is from the fever, not a personal opinion of AuntBeki. He really liked being cozy up against her.

A thanks to Crystal for getting me these photos. And Love for thePirate.

p.s. thePirate was made Sargent on like Dec. 1st or 2nd.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh, are you still here?

You are? Well then, perhaps I should get off my lazy tushie and post some pictures!

We got back from Texas, it snowed the day we left. Everyone there loved Matey and he LOVED his GrandMa and Aunt Crystal.

None of these photos are actually from our Texas adventure... those are still in Texas...

But Thanksgiving was Yummy and it was fun to see AuntBekiandUncleDan and we did lots of shopping.

Mateys fabulous koala space robe is from Cooks Children Hospital.

He had been running a fever but then started screaming at 5am (I was pretty sure it was just gas but we decided to be safe instead of sorry) so we went to the hospital and by 5:30 when we got there he was fine again. Just fussy from the fever. And it was just gas. Or possibly a night terror but I'll have to ask Mateys Dr if its possible at his age. The only possibility for Milk was the bread used for the stuffing (which Matey ate in real life and through the breastmilk).

Overall we had lots of fun and can't wait until April when we get to go back, but with thePirate!