Wednesday, July 29, 2009


mMmMmm this hand is TASTEY
Thanks for the mokey rattle theb!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now that I've got the computer I haven't got the camera... and I'm not sure where I put it (I misplaced it- I can't even blame thePirate).

Matey is doing great (as long as I stay away from milk) and is smiling and starting to giggle and is finding out that his hands can flail (which sometimes knock stuff over and hardly hits his own self anymore) and that he has feet (not sure what to do with those yet, not even to chew on them) and I think he's starting to get bored so I'm looking for a playmat/baby gym to help keep him entertained and anything that gets close to his mouth must be tested (with his tounge).

thePirate has got his orders (Sept. 8th-ish) so we're starting to get all set on that. I've pretty much got everything packed for the first part of moving and hopefully once the first batch is moved it will be easier to see what's left and hopefully it will all work out.

Well Matey is calling for me, I'll find the camera and update pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i had thought of curious

I liked the idea of having a hard sounding constanant with the word 'jellyfish' cuz its got no bones in it but I didn't like any c-words with a k sound because... i forget... they just... were wrong. Then I thought of exotic, its got an x, and a hard t and a k sound. 3 hard sounds. thats lots of bones for jellyfish.
Exotic Jellyfish greeting cards.
thePirate doesn't understand about the word jellyfish having no bones but i told him my family would understand... you understand... right?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

so how bout this:

i was looking up different adjectives and nouns and have almost come up with something.

jellyfish. thats my noun but there are several adjectives, i dont know which one i like most with it. excited, worried, aggressive, thoughtful. (if your curious of this process look at the 2nd comment on my last post.) I think worried and thoughtful are my favorite.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

cards ocasionally, best wishes....

Ain't he a cutie? He can scooch himself a whole inch.

As some of you may know I've decided to make handmade cards as a way to earn play money while thePirate is in Iraq, I need help with a name for it. All I can think up are names like: best wishes, first impression, ect... nan thought of: cards ocasionally or cards on occasion. I'm not sure about that exactly for a name but I like the idea/play on words of it. I need a name so I can get a stamp like Jennie has so people know where the cards came from.

I'm excited. now I just have to wait until the stuff gets here so I can start. I'll be getting the supplies july 20th so if you know of anyone who needs cards after that send them to me. The first couple orders I do will be paper cost only as I make sure I know what I'm doing and how much I should charge for them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

to keep you all jealous.

thePirate and Matey bonding...

... and some more bonding...

We hope you all enjoy!

I promise:

I'll post again later today with pictures and live film.

I've been trying to find ways to make a little bit of extra money recently and I realized the easiest way would be to tighten the belt at home. Now how to do this is I'm not sure. But I came across the site personal finance guide and have bookmarked it for later reading. It goes above and beyond just balancing your checkbook but also talks about banking, investments, loans, retirement... it's an impressive list. Hopefully I can get thePirate to check it out too because now-a-days everyone could use a brushing up on how to make money by saving money.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Not at my computer so no pictures

Or maybe I should put: LOTS OF PICS! to trick people into reading it...

So now that thePirate has graduated NCO academy his higher ups are treating him as if he were a Sgt. While in some ways this is cool he still isn't getting a Sgt paycheck and instead of a four day weekend he only gets a three day cuz he got assigned CQ cuz he's a Sgt (just not officially).

Matey is doing SO good today (ie sleeping lots) I could almost kick myself for not being at home and cleaning. Although it might just be that AuntSandy's house is boring! However I greatly doubt that since how here there's a TV bigger than Matey's mommy and real cable to boot.

I want . I'm going to download the free trail as soon as I get back to my computer and prolly buy the real one once I've moved to Idaho. Its a vocabulary builder software and it apparently has games to test your knowledge of words. Now this might just be my mom in me but I love learning new words and then using them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two little cuties

Matey is growing up so fast- it's crazy. We're all still adjusting to life without extra peoples but I think we're doing well. Tummy time is going better he used to only spend 2-5 min on his stomach but now we do around 10min easy.
There still arn't any set dates for deployment or anything like that so I have no idea when to start packing or if/when to order plane tickets. We haven't even figured out what exactly we'll be doing for leave. GOing to Idaho is a duh/must but other than that its up in the air still.
I like forums- you can give people advice like you know what you're talking about. The problem is finding a forum thats cool/interesting. I found one today I like thier Mind,Energy,Exercise section it's got some good threads in it and I killed about a half hour while Matey was asleep. It was fun. Check it out.