Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two little cuties

Matey is growing up so fast- it's crazy. We're all still adjusting to life without extra peoples but I think we're doing well. Tummy time is going better he used to only spend 2-5 min on his stomach but now we do around 10min easy.
There still arn't any set dates for deployment or anything like that so I have no idea when to start packing or if/when to order plane tickets. We haven't even figured out what exactly we'll be doing for leave. GOing to Idaho is a duh/must but other than that its up in the air still.
I like forums- you can give people advice like you know what you're talking about. The problem is finding a forum thats cool/interesting. I found one today I like thier Mind,Energy,Exercise section it's got some good threads in it and I killed about a half hour while Matey was asleep. It was fun. Check it out.


El Cid said...

Better not let the Pirate know that you are calling him cute on your blog!

Le said...

Once again good job it is just like seamless!