Wednesday, July 29, 2009


mMmMmm this hand is TASTEY
Thanks for the mokey rattle theb!


Grammy said...

It is 0757 MDT and the time stamp sez this is 9 hours old... you were up past bedtime mommy!!! At least past mine...
He is starting to look chubby... good work Moga ;-} Now you need to concentrate on hair, why IS it that babies in our family are slow to get hair?!?!?
And your new blurb "About Me" will require monthly updating you know, he can stay 'adorable' but his age will need to change with him each month and we can have a monthly party and presents and food, guests, games and favors...
What?! I have NO idea why Moga & Christopher chose to live with 'Grammy-in-Idaho'none at all!

I am obviously feeling great this morning, now on to making cherry jam xoxoxox

El Cid said...

I'm not sure why you called him JC in the video; his name is Matey as far as I know. Grammy, babies in my family aren't slow to get hair!