Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Now that I've got the computer I haven't got the camera... and I'm not sure where I put it (I misplaced it- I can't even blame thePirate).

Matey is doing great (as long as I stay away from milk) and is smiling and starting to giggle and is finding out that his hands can flail (which sometimes knock stuff over and hardly hits his own self anymore) and that he has feet (not sure what to do with those yet, not even to chew on them) and I think he's starting to get bored so I'm looking for a playmat/baby gym to help keep him entertained and anything that gets close to his mouth must be tested (with his tounge).

thePirate has got his orders (Sept. 8th-ish) so we're starting to get all set on that. I've pretty much got everything packed for the first part of moving and hopefully once the first batch is moved it will be easier to see what's left and hopefully it will all work out.

Well Matey is calling for me, I'll find the camera and update pictures tomorrow.


Grammy said...

"Yeah!" for updated pictures ! ! !
I am SO grateful Aunt Sandy is rescue-ing you two from the record setting heat... darn apartments w/o air conditioning anyway - don't they know it is NOT always rainy in Western WA?

El Cid said...

No A/C? Head to Idaho, they have great summer whether!