Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It really is daylight.

The light at the end of the tunnel- it's not a train it's daylight! So a few times this week he's nursed and then come off and rolled around and went to bed with me snuggling him, giving me hope that one day before he's 3 he'll stop with the nursing. Well last night was (i think) a big step towards that: He nursed for a min but not very well and then I was rocking him but he got restless with that and I got fed up and put him back on his bed and told him to "go to sleep"... and... He... DID! 

Usually I do this at nap time and he may or may not cry for a bit and I come back in and put him down and he goes without anymore fuss but there was no crying last night and when I went to check on him a while later he had just fallen asleep! All alone! Yes he had had milks already and snuggles and he still woke up in the night looking for more BUT I'm taking anything I can get. 

I think I should go away for a weekend- Mom says that works great. Maybe for my birthday...

He Is a snot. I made him noodles and hotdogs (a dish he likes) and what does he eat instead? An apple he snatched out of the fruit basket when I wasn't looking. 
 This outfit was a throw-together because nothing else was clean and it turned out to be super cutie and we're going to wear it more often.
 Simply an angel. 
 Going up.
 He made it! Yay!
 Sleeping Ninja baby... don't tell thePirate.
 This is our cheese... Matey takes after thePirate and thinks all cheeses are his for whenever he wants a snack. Keep your eyes on him while he's "helping" you cook. 
 Why get your hands dirty? Just eat like a dog out of the pan!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Super Cute Boy

This was taken on Mothers Day by Matey. 
 The park we go to most often has a wobbly bridge and it's one of Matey's favorite toys to play on. 
 Ain't he precious?
 Posing all cute on the rock for me. 
 Eating crackers. 
 More crackers.
 Hey look- A Stick!
 If you don't stop taking pictures of me woman I'll keep my face like this forever!
 He did not want to go in or stay in this little teepee thing but I made him anyway. 

We're having lots of fun and think that you should come have fun with us too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photos from Mothers Day

For Mothers Day Matey and AnWanna made me breakfast. 

I'm pretty sure that they didn't really pull it out of the trash. 
 What does that clock say? 8:10? What a good boy for him to wake up later in the day? WRONG. He woke up at 6ish and AnWanna slept until 8 and then I got breakfast. 
 Putting it in.
 Pushing buttons.
 Is it done?
 I think so- It's nice and hot.
 A yummy breakfast of eggs, potato, and turkey sausage with raspberry lemonade juice and a bouquet of basil (plus a toy Matey thought should go on the plate too). 
 Oh yes, and a Balloon.
 Aww isn't he so cute to snuggle with Mommy on Mothers Day?
 ... showing me all the stuff they did... 
 ... eating my food... hey wait! What? 
No really. I got like 2 or 3 bites of the breakfast. But I can't really complain that he was actually eating something. Besides he did all that hard work to make it had to replenish his energy. 

It was a wonderful Mothers Day and Thanks to everyone who helped make it special.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

For his Grammy and Grandma we made pictures for Mothers Day. 

They're still in our house...

So we'll work hard on sending them out ASAP but as proof as they were done for mothers day here are pictures of the pictures. 

This one was the model for Grammy's picture.
 This was the model for Grandma's picture.
And here is Grammy's picture.
 And here is Grandma's picture.

(Grandma's picture is WAY cuter but don't tell Grammy).

Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventuring out of our bubble

I've been a little leery to venture out much. We go to two parks that are in walking distance, the mall, grocery shopping, ect. but not really seeing much of the city(ies) that we now live in. 

One of the reasons is that I don't know the area well myself and getting lost with Matey does not sound like fun. We have several friends who are from the area and know it well but they are all boys and not the best with children.

Our friend T is alright with kids and last Sunday was too beautiful to be indoors so we went to a nearby park. It was super nice, there was water and a walking trail and Matey LOVED it. 

This is one of the ships in the play area, if you look closely you can see his head through a window. 
 Peeping out the window. 
 Steering the ship.
 What are you doing up there?
 Come on guys! 
 He's got himself a fishing pole. 
 Testing the balance...
Yup, this seems good. Let's go back to the water. 

It was a great day to go and we all had a lot of fun (Matey prolly had the most though). Now that I know it's worth the trip I'm going to look into how to take a bus there so Matey and I can go whenever we choose. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ducks make bread look good.

I don't know why but Matey will ONLY eat bread if the ducks are eating it. 

I give him sandwiches and he'll sometimes take a bite of the bread but usually just eats/licks off the insides. 

However when we go out to feed the ducks he holds a piece of bread and I hold a piece of bread and if his bread lasts the walk to the pond it's at least half eaten. Even if we don't take bread but other people are there with bread- he'll pick up bread pieces off the ground and eat them or mooch bread off the people and just sit and eat it while he watches them feed the ducks. 

When we went camping we had 'smores every night. Matey doesn't care for marshmallows and while there's chocolate available who needs graham crackers? Yesterday I gave him a chocolate cookie and he happily took it and wandered off. 

Later I went into the kitchen and found that our roommate had left her cookies within Matey reach and he had make a cookie sandwich- one of her cookies, the chocolate cookie, and another of her cookies. 

I swear he's the goofiest kid in the world. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cutting Room Floor

Another picture Matey took in Abuelo's car.
 The following three pictures take place the morning of April 18th as I was making sure we had everything packed for the flight we were taking later that same day. 

 Had it not of been the day before his second birthday I just might have killed him, but how sad of a headstone would it have been reading that he died just one day before he turned 2?

The day we left Vegas to go camping we got up, ate breakfast, packed and was going to eat lunch from fast food in the car on our way to keep people happy for at least a little while. No one asked Matey about this arrangement and literally 10min before we loaded the people into the car he decided to forage for food. 
Will the little snot face eat apple peel at home? Why no. He won't.
 But as you can see he happily at it here in the car in Vegas. I told him that I was going to make him eat the peel at home now too and he was unconcerned. 
 Favorite picture I took of the fire. 
 When we were getting various camping equipment at the store they had these things that changed the color of the flame. Or so they claimed... on the right side of the photo you can see that it's more purple/blue/red. I think part of our issue was it said not to cook over the colored flame so we waited until the cooking was done and by then the fire was lower. 
 Don't fall.
 This is Matey in Time Out. Don't remember why (he was in timeout several times while camping). 
 Hermits Rest was made in 1987! Ok, so what this plaque is really saying is something like this is when the park officially did something with/at/to Hermits Rest... or something. 
Look: 1987!
 Matey was SO cute in my hooded shirt.
 He got tired of just eating them.
 No, not 'jazz hands'- he's saying "no, no, no" and using his hands for emphasis. 

So our friend made us sick... rethinking of we should keep them as our friend... just me not the Matey boy.
It's not Bad but certainly annoying. Hopefully its worse for me because its trying to pass through my system faster, so like instead of being a weak cold for a week like it was for them it'll be a moderate cold for only 4 or 5 days. Or 3 days and tomorrow I'll be all better. Yeah I like the sound of that...