Monday, May 2, 2011

Cutting Room Floor

Another picture Matey took in Abuelo's car.
 The following three pictures take place the morning of April 18th as I was making sure we had everything packed for the flight we were taking later that same day. 

 Had it not of been the day before his second birthday I just might have killed him, but how sad of a headstone would it have been reading that he died just one day before he turned 2?

The day we left Vegas to go camping we got up, ate breakfast, packed and was going to eat lunch from fast food in the car on our way to keep people happy for at least a little while. No one asked Matey about this arrangement and literally 10min before we loaded the people into the car he decided to forage for food. 
Will the little snot face eat apple peel at home? Why no. He won't.
 But as you can see he happily at it here in the car in Vegas. I told him that I was going to make him eat the peel at home now too and he was unconcerned. 
 Favorite picture I took of the fire. 
 When we were getting various camping equipment at the store they had these things that changed the color of the flame. Or so they claimed... on the right side of the photo you can see that it's more purple/blue/red. I think part of our issue was it said not to cook over the colored flame so we waited until the cooking was done and by then the fire was lower. 
 Don't fall.
 This is Matey in Time Out. Don't remember why (he was in timeout several times while camping). 
 Hermits Rest was made in 1987! Ok, so what this plaque is really saying is something like this is when the park officially did something with/at/to Hermits Rest... or something. 
Look: 1987!
 Matey was SO cute in my hooded shirt.
 He got tired of just eating them.
 No, not 'jazz hands'- he's saying "no, no, no" and using his hands for emphasis. 

So our friend made us sick... rethinking of we should keep them as our friend... just me not the Matey boy.
It's not Bad but certainly annoying. Hopefully its worse for me because its trying to pass through my system faster, so like instead of being a weak cold for a week like it was for them it'll be a moderate cold for only 4 or 5 days. Or 3 days and tomorrow I'll be all better. Yeah I like the sound of that...  


Grammy said...

I have NEVER seen such a sad little slumped over boy in time out in my life! How Could you?? Oh, Yeah - you want him to grow up to be a responsible self disciplined adult (human bean), well then, carry on!
That dirt on the carpet shot almost did me in... especially since it followed the marker on the arms photos. Hope those seeds hadn't sprouted yet, just sayin'

An Wanna said...

He may be able to get out of a playpen, but they make some pretty large dog kennels...