Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It really is daylight.

The light at the end of the tunnel- it's not a train it's daylight! So a few times this week he's nursed and then come off and rolled around and went to bed with me snuggling him, giving me hope that one day before he's 3 he'll stop with the nursing. Well last night was (i think) a big step towards that: He nursed for a min but not very well and then I was rocking him but he got restless with that and I got fed up and put him back on his bed and told him to "go to sleep"... and... He... DID! 

Usually I do this at nap time and he may or may not cry for a bit and I come back in and put him down and he goes without anymore fuss but there was no crying last night and when I went to check on him a while later he had just fallen asleep! All alone! Yes he had had milks already and snuggles and he still woke up in the night looking for more BUT I'm taking anything I can get. 

I think I should go away for a weekend- Mom says that works great. Maybe for my birthday...

He Is a snot. I made him noodles and hotdogs (a dish he likes) and what does he eat instead? An apple he snatched out of the fruit basket when I wasn't looking. 
 This outfit was a throw-together because nothing else was clean and it turned out to be super cutie and we're going to wear it more often.
 Simply an angel. 
 Going up.
 He made it! Yay!
 Sleeping Ninja baby... don't tell thePirate.
 This is our cheese... Matey takes after thePirate and thinks all cheeses are his for whenever he wants a snack. Keep your eyes on him while he's "helping" you cook. 
 Why get your hands dirty? Just eat like a dog out of the pan!

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Grammy said...

Poor tired Ninja baby! He is SO hungry he can't spend the time with a fork or spoon Mommy!! And cheese IS amazing, you don't even have to spend the time making the grilled cheese sandwich - what a thoughtful little boy you have. Grammy and Aunt Katy are here so I best get to bed, they mean business! I will NEED that vacation to play with Matey and recover from all the packing to move stuff ;-}