Sunday, July 10, 2011

hey look- we're back online!

  So these are from long ago when we lived in beautiful WA and didn't have an apt full of rats. Delilah had the day off and being his only friend who doesn't work he hung out with us for the day. He plays Frisbee golf (amateur) and Matey and another child loved practicing with him.

And no this isn't Matey climbing up the slide because he knows he's not supposed to.
 Getting ready to throw the Frisbee.
 This is the last time I got him on film with longer hair, I cut it shortly after these were taken (come back tomorrow) and then its been cut even more since then (later this week).
 Matey discovered that while bright like candy, Frisbees don't make such an awesome treat.
 Matey, Delilah, and the little girl who would run and retrieve the Frisbees.
That was a super fun day: there was someone else to help keep track/play with Matey (which he loved) and after the park Delilah treated us to lunch (which I loved). 

Looking at these pictures makes me miss our amazing parks up/over there. They have parks here that kick-butt and we're going to one tomorrow but they aren't as green and pretty.

Anyhow I found my camera and will be posting the old pictures and then starting on new ones while we're here in northern UT for the summer.


Karen Valinda said...

I am used to his short hair now so had forgotten how grownup it makes him look! (and way smarter too but don't tell anyone, mommy would kick me) He is junior GQ or whatever is the modern equivalent for suave and debonair.
Awesome greenery here, doesn't it get boring? What!? I will take water park pictures tomorrow for My blog and delete any comments that mention the lack of green hereabouts ;-Þ

Karen Valinda said...

pssst Tiney! Do I get points for Not asking if you meant Daffodil???