Monday, July 11, 2011

The first days in our "new" apt

I've forgotten how to use blogger...

At our "new" apt we lived across the walk from our friend T, one day he happened to be coming home right as we did and smiled and waved then went inside. Then he popped his head out again, made a funny face at Matey and went back inside. This went on for a few more times with T saying 'boo' or making a face or waving while Matey laughed. Then T really was done and said goodbye to Matey and went into his house. 

Matey waited outside his door, refusing to come in our house, for a good 5 min because he was SURE that T was going to play peek-a-boo with him one more time.
  This is Matey's new hair cut (but not really since he's had another one) compared to the pictures at the park with D.      
He was being super cute and eating his breakfast with his feet! He would take a piece of egg, put it on his fork and then hold his fork with his toes only and eat it. But of course once he saw the camera he stopped...
Matey LOVES when I let my hair loose and don't straighten it because it is apparently HILARIOUS to get toys caught in the tangles.
He really enjoys helping, especially if tools are involved and putting the table in our "new" apt together was no exception.
what a little cutie!
Ahhh! Watch out- he's going to get you!

Matey loved the new place, it had stairs and he had his own room and we lived by some kids who would play with him and not completely ignore him... What a bummer those rats were.


Valinda said...

Ahhhhh!!! He's gonna GET ME!! We would play peek a boo for hours, we promise.

Grammy said...

He loves to roll down the couch too!