Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation is Chickens

While the cows could wander places we couldn't see, the chickens were always available to chase.

This is as close as Matey ever got to touching one (that I know of).
LittleUncleJon took this picture so that's why its blurry. Matey in the hen house.
Putting out some feed for the chickens (they also got kitchen scraps).

They would RUN past him when he opened the door in the morning and it was very hard to get a picture.

Shhhh... He's hunting wabbits chickens.
He woke up the earliest so we would go and feed the chickens and let them out while people woke up and got ready to do the cows. And we would also visit the chickens at some point during the day to see if anyone was willing to let him pet them yet.

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Grammy said...

He is still waiting for that first "please pet me" moment! He did get to collect eggs and he was excellent at smashing the discarded egg shells in the bucket in the kitchen, and he never confused the two activities.