Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation is Happiness

I'm sure Cathy thought Matey was one of the guests that brought Happiness by coming.

the BEST smile Ever!

What could be better than fresh strawberries that you helped Mommy pick? Maybe her not trying to get a picture while you're wanting to eat them...

Happiness... Apparently includes a Mom, Dad, and three kids! Hmmm... AuntValinda is winning this one, I only have two out of five. (it actually says in faded wording underneath: is family home evening)

Oh No! The car! It's EATING him! Help! Help!Grammy's car has a built in car seat that folds down and LittleUncleJon was making it eat the poor Matey.

Matey riding his Ho (not being crude, that's how he says "horse"). They had real horses that he got to see and pet and feed but the day we were supposed to ride one, Cathy had to help a lady have her baby and then we left the next day... (the lady we were visiting is a midwife, Mateys midwife in fact).
We left last Monday and got back Friday and took the weekend to rest. Now we're back in action and will be posting pictures of the Vacation all this week. 

He had the BEST time up there. Absolutely loved it. There was a barn with cows, hay bales, tractors, kittens and assorted tools. A big back yard with a trampoline, fire pit, dogs and a few sheds to poke your head into. A chicken house with CHICKENS! A greenhouse with plants you're not allowed to touch. A front yard with rusty old machines, strawberry patch, wagon, rock pile and a tiny little creek/irrigation trickle of water to play in (it was less then 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep). What 2 year old boy wouldn't love it up there?


Karen Valinda said...

cow milk mommy!!! Milk Cow moo
He made it all far more fun ;-}

An Wanna said...

He is a good little helper. When I was shoveling out in the barn he did a good job of pointing and saying POO!