Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation is Cows

"Mere tow! Mere! Moo tow, moo" *Come here cow! Come here! Moo cow, moo.

"Whoa tow, down. Down!" *Whoa cow, down. Down!

"Nye tow. Mere tow. Shoo fy. Shoo." *Nice cow. Come here cow. Shoo fly. Shoo. (there were flies all over the cow.)

"Tow Ma! Milk tow. Milk. Moo tow. Brn. Tow brn moo." *Cow Mom! Milk cow. Milk. Moo cow. Barn. Cow barn moo.

"Poo tow. Poo brn. Ma tow." *Cow Poop. Poop barn. Mom Cow.
*For those of you who don't speak Matey. Also its "tow" as in the first part of "tower" not as in "tow truck". And "here" is "her" and "come here" is "mere", its little nuances like that you pick up from living with him.

Every morning it was all about the cows. Nothing held a candle to them. Nothing. Not the dogs, horses, chickens or baby kittens. They were the coolest thing and milking them was the funnest thing. She (not the cow pictured, they only had one milk cow) got milked twice a day and he watched at least once a day. No fear, trying to get as close to the teats as possible (including constantly trying to go under the cow or between her back legs) so he could see how things worked. 

Every time he could convince someone to take him to the barn he was happy right up until the cows weren't there (most days after milking the doors are opened and the cows go out to pasture and don't come back till called). But there was a huge hay bale pile that had holes in it he would look into and tell you about. He climbed it as well. 

I don't know why or when or how come cows are so cool but its very obvious to Matey that they are.


An Wanna said...

It's cuz he likes his milk sooo much!

Grammy said...

He also tried VERY hard to convince Cathy to milk the cow more often ;-}