Friday, July 15, 2011

Here it is: The Moment You've Been Waiting For

How to get Matey to eat raisins/craisins: put them in an M & M dispenser.

Matey is a big boy now and refuses to drink from normal sippy cups like a baby so this is one of this new ones (it has a straw).

Matey and Grammy made cupcakes and this is one Matey did all by himself.

Curly little boy.

This is an awesome pop up tent I got for him at Winco. I like it more than he does, but hopefully he'll grow into it.

Its a bit blurry but I LOVE this picture of the boy wonder.

I know what you're thinking: were we playing peek-a-boo? No, I had just said "smile so I can take a picture of you".
Just so you all know: the curl in his is Natural. There was no gel or products on his hair when these were taken, one of the reasons his hair was so unruly was because it was growing in curly. SO while it looked straight by the roots was not. Grammy took him to get a hair cut at a Real barber shop for kids and he apparently loved it (I wasn't there). There was a Thomas the Train movie and chair and they gave him candy so he didn't even notice his hair was being cut. 

It was a shock for me when I first saw it but it needed to be done. He reminds me much more of Leucas now when he was younger with the shorter hair and I can also see more of thePirate in him now.


Valinda said...

He's always looked like Drox, but it is much easier to see now. The craisins in the M&M's dispenser is either genius or mean, I'm still deciding.

Grammy said...

It is genius because he doesn't know any different! The dispenser was out in the shed gathering dust and we washed it and I put craisins in - Viola! Now he will expect them and maybe m&m's will disappoint him?!?
And the haircut was my birthday present for Moga xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

Love the haircut! My first thought when I saw it was I didn't think it was possible for him to look anymore like his dad.... He does look a bit like Drox.

Wil said...

I agree w/ the drox thing. But he is super cute. When is my baby coming to visit me?

Princess said...

I love the haircut!! it looks so much better!! He's absolutely adorable!!