Thursday, October 29, 2009

He's the cutest baby I know

This is Jane Christine DeMott
My darling little precious baby girl

Although she hasn't really got the lady-like behavior down quite yet...

and here is a picture of thePirate in a pink dress (in case you were wondering what it's look like).

She's such a pretty southern bell, don't you think?

The dress is mine from when I was 18 months old (my mommy made it for me for uncle Troy's wedding) but I don't think matey will fit it when he's 18 months. Lots of people mistake my adorable little man for a girl and especially in this dress I can't see why. He still very much looks like a boy to me. Maybe it's just because I see so much of thePirate in him.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hugga bugga boo

This is the chugga playing dead. he laid like this for 2-3 min before "waking up". (10 min later he took his nap). it was kinda weird and he's done it a few more times but i've learned he's just tired and put him down for a nap.

this is when he was on grammys back. He liked it and was good for over an hour- it was great.

now he's doing laundry. he helps out all over the house.

he has fun in his playpen but its not always his favorite, when he's done he presses his face up against the mesh so it smushes his nose while he yells at me. however when i try to get a picture of that he pulls away.

i'm going to try and wrangle Leucas to take "real" picture of Matey and I and should post those by the end of the week.

*love for thePirate*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(lion king intro)

Matey (i think) loves laying in the grass. He's quiet and doesn't really try to move or make noise- just looks around at the world around him.

I decided to get down there with him... he thought that was ok.

I'm going to say it was the bright sunlight and not me giving him kisses that made him get this face.

While Matey didn't have any real opinion one way or the other on the grass, he DOES like to be held up.

This is his serious face, he's thinking: if you put me down, I will cry at you.

We went to the Dr. today and Matey is well on his way to being a functioning human being. He weighs 17 lb 1oz and is 26 1/2" long. Matey was VERY wary of the new Dr. and at first looked like he was going to cry, but after Grammy started making faces he became is happy self (except he still stayed very quiet and didn't make hardly a noise while the Dr was in the room).

The Dr. said that Matey was doing well and meeting all the milestones and as far as Mateys crawling skills hes where the Dr. would expect a 9 month old to be (yes, I am a bragging mother but only until he really gets the hang of things and starts getting into the trash).

I like feeling like I'm worth someone's time (especially someone I'm paying) and that did not happen today. I think I like this new Dr. but he seemed to have a full schedual today and was a bit behind but his office was nice and had a touch screen game that Matey very much enjoyed, and the Dr. was nice just in a rush so we'll go back again and if the same thing happens then maybe we'll looking into other people.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

does this mean he'd be good with a sibling?

This is Matey and the other baby. He loves the other baby.

He also loves the camera and can't decide which one to go after...

He's checking this other kid out to see if he'll be interesting.

Hmm... well he sure is tasty!

I can only hope that Matey was trying to give him kisses and not trying to eat the other little kid.

*note: my hand is there so he doesn't fall back, I swear I am in no way trying to get him to lick the mirror, I was actually cringing at the thought of when it was last cleaned.

I have found that he really enjoys licking smooth surfaces: glass (including mirrors), metals, wood that is highly laquored... ect.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Doing Dishes

Isn't he such the good helper boy? He likes doing dishes.

It'll be so sad when he can't fit in there anymore...

So things on our list to do: Put thePirates box together. That's all really. I have the box, I know what I want to send him it's all just a matter of going and doing it now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

it doesn't bear to mention

We're all good here and hope that everyone who keeps up with us (especially thePirate) is well also. Matey moves so fast now that even tho its not "real" crawling I'm going to label him as dangerous.

See my cards at:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Matey and Mommy

So I cut my hair (well Grammy did the cutting) and I know some of you might point out that I just got it cut in June but well, after having Matey pull it out when it was down I was mostly keeping it up and then it didn't look as cute. With this shorter hair (which I may take even shorter: what do you think?) he doesn't pull it so much because it doesn't get in his way so much.

Yes, I CAN see the look of absolute love and happiness on Matey's face. What? You don't think that's what his face is saying? huh...

This is Matey looking at the other little boy with hims Mommy (i.e. the mirror).

His crawling improves everyday, and I finally found him a Dr. whom he'll be seeing on the 21st. We love thePirate and are trying very hard to find time to put him a box together.

Monday, October 12, 2009

More of the cuteness

He looks a little in this one... not sure why...

Reaching for the camera, as always...

Oh hey Mom! What ch'a doing?


Just chillin. Nothing happening.

So same ol' same ol' here. Cute Matey, tired Mommy with a new hair cut (soon to be posted) and never enough hours in the day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Come get your Matey fix

So when I say that Matey is "crawling" this is what I mean. It's not real crawling-look-out-he's-gunna-get-ya but he's certainly heading in that direction.

Just so you all know- Matey isn't really upset, he's mostly mad that he can't reach the camera and complaining loudly about it. He likes to complain and 80% of the time he "talks" it's to tell me that I'm doing something wrong/something isn't perfect.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm done now

I ask you is this not the face of absolute adorableness or what?

He can't decide which is more important: his fishes or the camera?

So I have a stone (kidney) that needs surgery. It's not currently blocking anything or causing pain/problems but at any moment it could drop down to where it would cause great pain/problems so something (surgery) needs to be done.

I'm planning it for after Thanksgiving: early to mid December. I had already planned on starting Matey on solids on the 19th of this month (his half birthday) so I will continue with that idea and pump as much milk as I can and store it up. The surgery itself isn't a biggie (only a few hours) but depending on how much pain ect. I might not be up to feeding for a while. Hopefully by the time of my surgery Matey will be so much into "real" food and only using milk for snacks/put to bed that he won't mind TOO much that I'm out of it. Hopefully.

Other than that things are great! Maybe I'll even brush my hair and put of picture of myself up *shock* and *awe*.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's cold here

homie Matey. (he's crawling you just can't tell)

so cute!

monkey Matey grabbing at the camera.

and here's thePirate wanting the camera... i mean Matey... sry, they just look so much alike i get confused...

the tissue in front of him had been on his head for... 30-40 seconds covering his face/eyes and had just fallen off when i took this. i LOVE his expression.

so a few days ago it was almost 90 then it was in the 70s and now it seems to have stopped in the 50s during the day and dropping in the 30s overnight. winter is apparently upon us.

my little love (Matey) is all but crawling: goes up on his hands and knees and falls forwards. he does it best if someone is on the floor next to him staying one crawl ahead of him. i think it gives him something to shoot for.

I tried to put a video of Matey crawling on but it was too long or moms computer is too slow or something so i'll try again a nother day.

*kisses* for thePirate