Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's cold here

homie Matey. (he's crawling you just can't tell)

so cute!

monkey Matey grabbing at the camera.

and here's thePirate wanting the camera... i mean Matey... sry, they just look so much alike i get confused...

the tissue in front of him had been on his head for... 30-40 seconds covering his face/eyes and had just fallen off when i took this. i LOVE his expression.

so a few days ago it was almost 90 then it was in the 70s and now it seems to have stopped in the 50s during the day and dropping in the 30s overnight. winter is apparently upon us.

my little love (Matey) is all but crawling: goes up on his hands and knees and falls forwards. he does it best if someone is on the floor next to him staying one crawl ahead of him. i think it gives him something to shoot for.

I tried to put a video of Matey crawling on but it was too long or moms computer is too slow or something so i'll try again a nother day.

*kisses* for thePirate


An Wanna said...

Matey is so cute!

El Cid said...

We all ready miss Matey!