Tuesday, October 20, 2009

does this mean he'd be good with a sibling?

This is Matey and the other baby. He loves the other baby.

He also loves the camera and can't decide which one to go after...

He's checking this other kid out to see if he'll be interesting.

Hmm... well he sure is tasty!

I can only hope that Matey was trying to give him kisses and not trying to eat the other little kid.

*note: my hand is there so he doesn't fall back, I swear I am in no way trying to get him to lick the mirror, I was actually cringing at the thought of when it was last cleaned.

I have found that he really enjoys licking smooth surfaces: glass (including mirrors), metals, wood that is highly laquored... ect.


The Pirate said...

LOL My Son is a window licker!!! HA HA HA

The Pirate said...

We could make him a sibling. Yeah I think two would be nice, whadda ya say?

Beki said...

lol, that's what you get for putting the idea into pirate's head, moga!

Karen Valinda said...

She is telling the truth, the cutie is in to taste testing every surface he meets! xoxoxox