Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Matey and Mommy

So I cut my hair (well Grammy did the cutting) and I know some of you might point out that I just got it cut in June but well, after having Matey pull it out when it was down I was mostly keeping it up and then it didn't look as cute. With this shorter hair (which I may take even shorter: what do you think?) he doesn't pull it so much because it doesn't get in his way so much.

Yes, I CAN see the look of absolute love and happiness on Matey's face. What? You don't think that's what his face is saying? huh...

This is Matey looking at the other little boy with hims Mommy (i.e. the mirror).

His crawling improves everyday, and I finally found him a Dr. whom he'll be seeing on the 21st. We love thePirate and are trying very hard to find time to put him a box together.


Grammy said...

Grammy likes boxes and putting them together and SHE gets out once in a while... just tape a list to her steering wheel!!!
That boy in the mirror is always making funny faces at him mom! Even when Grammy holds him that boy turns up!?!

Valinda said...

Can't you scroll down so we can see the cute pictures of Matey? - George. I like this length, how much shorter would you go?