Monday, October 12, 2009

More of the cuteness

He looks a little in this one... not sure why...

Reaching for the camera, as always...

Oh hey Mom! What ch'a doing?


Just chillin. Nothing happening.

So same ol' same ol' here. Cute Matey, tired Mommy with a new hair cut (soon to be posted) and never enough hours in the day!


An Wanna said...

I think the big open eyes is fun!

Valinda said...

I think it's the crossed eyes and the shadow. I think. He looks so grown up in the 4th one!

Grammy said...

check out the younger pictures of thePirate on Facebook, on his wall, posted by a childhood friend... I was right about us getting a glimpse of the toddler daddy now and then!
What a precious little boy... Matey