Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm done now

I ask you is this not the face of absolute adorableness or what?

He can't decide which is more important: his fishes or the camera?

So I have a stone (kidney) that needs surgery. It's not currently blocking anything or causing pain/problems but at any moment it could drop down to where it would cause great pain/problems so something (surgery) needs to be done.

I'm planning it for after Thanksgiving: early to mid December. I had already planned on starting Matey on solids on the 19th of this month (his half birthday) so I will continue with that idea and pump as much milk as I can and store it up. The surgery itself isn't a biggie (only a few hours) but depending on how much pain ect. I might not be up to feeding for a while. Hopefully by the time of my surgery Matey will be so much into "real" food and only using milk for snacks/put to bed that he won't mind TOO much that I'm out of it. Hopefully.

Other than that things are great! Maybe I'll even brush my hair and put of picture of myself up *shock* and *awe*.


Valinda said...

Well if you pump and dump while you're on meds you might not run out. :)

An Wanna said...

Him so preci-precious. And the camera is more important. He loves those fishies but he can actually get the camera - if no one is watching.

Grammy said...

Dreaming... he will MIND terribly but he WILL survive, we will see to that. He loves his fishies and is not sure why they avoid the side of the aquarium that he is petting!