Wednesday, October 21, 2009

(lion king intro)

Matey (i think) loves laying in the grass. He's quiet and doesn't really try to move or make noise- just looks around at the world around him.

I decided to get down there with him... he thought that was ok.

I'm going to say it was the bright sunlight and not me giving him kisses that made him get this face.

While Matey didn't have any real opinion one way or the other on the grass, he DOES like to be held up.

This is his serious face, he's thinking: if you put me down, I will cry at you.

We went to the Dr. today and Matey is well on his way to being a functioning human being. He weighs 17 lb 1oz and is 26 1/2" long. Matey was VERY wary of the new Dr. and at first looked like he was going to cry, but after Grammy started making faces he became is happy self (except he still stayed very quiet and didn't make hardly a noise while the Dr was in the room).

The Dr. said that Matey was doing well and meeting all the milestones and as far as Mateys crawling skills hes where the Dr. would expect a 9 month old to be (yes, I am a bragging mother but only until he really gets the hang of things and starts getting into the trash).

I like feeling like I'm worth someone's time (especially someone I'm paying) and that did not happen today. I think I like this new Dr. but he seemed to have a full schedual today and was a bit behind but his office was nice and had a touch screen game that Matey very much enjoyed, and the Dr. was nice just in a rush so we'll go back again and if the same thing happens then maybe we'll looking into other people.


Valinda said...

He's your boy! Brag it up, if snotty ppl don't want to read it they can go read the Wall Street Journal :)

An Wanna said...

Your brother needs to mow the lawn so it doesn't hide so much of Matey's face.

Grammy said...

Yeah! Get Uncle Jon E on that NOW, I want to see my baby without it looking like he is being stabbed by grass!
And if you were bragging you would mention that the doctor was amazed at how strong Matey is... after expressing concern that Matey didn't go into a sitting position on his own (Moga explained that Matey is too active to sit). Matey was on his hands and knees rocking back and forth as the doctor talked and then went up on his toes, still rocking his body, then eventually back to his knees. That is when the doctor commented on how strong he is and he would expect that behavior from an 8 or 9 month old. Yep, no need to worry about that silly sitting stuff!