Sunday, October 25, 2009

hugga bugga boo

This is the chugga playing dead. he laid like this for 2-3 min before "waking up". (10 min later he took his nap). it was kinda weird and he's done it a few more times but i've learned he's just tired and put him down for a nap.

this is when he was on grammys back. He liked it and was good for over an hour- it was great.

now he's doing laundry. he helps out all over the house.

he has fun in his playpen but its not always his favorite, when he's done he presses his face up against the mesh so it smushes his nose while he yells at me. however when i try to get a picture of that he pulls away.

i'm going to try and wrangle Leucas to take "real" picture of Matey and I and should post those by the end of the week.

*love for thePirate*


An Wanna said...

Poor baby has to play dead so people won't make him do dishes or laundry anymore.

Grammy said...

NO, he was taking a power 'rest' so he could get on with his next household task!

Beki said...

ummm... can I ask why he's apparently 'dead' on a padded envelope and crumpled up sheet music? I am otherwise jealous.