Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Matey and thePirate

thePirate and Grandma came through on their way to Texas and stopped by for a visit!

And Matey got to see his snake again! 

But MORE importantly, Matey got to see thePirate and have lots of silly goofy fun with him. 

thePirates earring. 

Oh dad! Who wants to pose for pictures? It's just Mom being silly... lets go play!
Matey had lots of fun playing with thePirate, reading to Grandma and Daddy, and showing off all his latest and greatest skills (i.e. somersaults). He was Very sad to see them go and can't wait until the next opportunity to hang out with them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pictures by Matey

Trash can.

Uncle Brent.

Television. Watching  about whales on "Nature".

Electronic set up.

Mommy typing on computer.

Mommy's butt and magnet board.

Outside chalk area.


Mommy sweeping.

One of the few magnets allowed on the fridge.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just keep swimming

His new favorite game: while eating toast with peanut butter, or in this case cream cheese, eat it in a way that will spread the maximum amount of topping on your upper lip then pretend to sneeze until Mommy looks up, sighs, and wipes your face off.

I'm sure he was explaining something very interesting.

Eating his grilled cheese and playing with his tomato soup.
Things are going well. Recently he's been nursing before bed but totally ok with me leaving him in his own bed and falling asleep with out me. He does however need his dinosaurs, a baby brontosaurus and a big triceratops (both plushies). And last night when he woke up the first time freaking out I was able to get him to fall back asleep without the aid of nursing so maybe we really will be able to stop that before he's 5. 

He just ran up to me saying "finger nail, finger nail" and bringing me the nail polish. I told him not right now and he pretended to cry and say "paint, paint" and then ran off to Grammy who doesn't care if hes a girly boy. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The cute... boy(?)

"What's with that face?" You're wondering? I had just asked him to smile... 
I bet most pirates have gotten their foot stuck in the handle of their sword. Wait- what's that on his toes? Is that nail polish?

And it's on his fingers too! Who did this to the poor baby? Grammy.

Worst part is that he got ALL excited and then wanted to paint mine, then buff the nails, then push back the cuticles and everything else that goes into a full manicure which is what Grammy had apparently done to him. 

I think he looks too cute. And a bit like thePirate. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's crazy how big he is.

I love it when he laughs.  
Hiding in the warm folded laundry.

Coloring with chalk. 
We're still here. Having fun. Helping out. The usual. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No lack of energy here.

We had just tried to take a picture and Matey had done a scrunch face so Mommy was getting him and snapped this one.

Playing with Fire. Matey LOVES fire. I'm not actually sure how he knew that matches could produce fire, I thought he had only seen lighters work, but he built a little camp fire and then told me to light it. (I didn't).

He's going to be Very sad when he can't fit into suitcases anymore.

My Bubbles! Matey LOVES bubbles. The problem is that hes not the best at blowing them... we've got two different types of bubble guns and normal bubble wands but he's not consistent. He can't ever decide what he wants to do more: blow the bubbles or chase the bubbles.

Ahhh! Run away. Run away! The little pirate baby is coming to attack!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Throwing me off my groove

Matey is a Big Boy now.

He doesn't NEED naps anymore.

Well... some days he might but don't count on it ok?

Cuz if you do you'll be SORRY!

The only positive is that when he doesn't take his naps he falls asleep that night in like 5-10 min. and I can get back up and do a few more things before its my bedtime. 

But I wish he would still take his naps. Its been a VERY long time since I napped with him but I've found over this last week my body got some rest while he was down because now that he doesn't always take it I've been dragging.