Thursday, August 4, 2011

No lack of energy here.

We had just tried to take a picture and Matey had done a scrunch face so Mommy was getting him and snapped this one.

Playing with Fire. Matey LOVES fire. I'm not actually sure how he knew that matches could produce fire, I thought he had only seen lighters work, but he built a little camp fire and then told me to light it. (I didn't).

He's going to be Very sad when he can't fit into suitcases anymore.

My Bubbles! Matey LOVES bubbles. The problem is that hes not the best at blowing them... we've got two different types of bubble guns and normal bubble wands but he's not consistent. He can't ever decide what he wants to do more: blow the bubbles or chase the bubbles.

Ahhh! Run away. Run away! The little pirate baby is coming to attack!


Grammy said...

He is very good about arming his enemy. You just have to be ready to be the enemy 'cause he IS relentless!

An Wanna said...

They make some pretty big suitcases...

Valinda said...

Hey, Nan took my answer. I will send him bubble money along with his shoe money. Then I will be the favorite!!