Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Matey and thePirate

thePirate and Grandma came through on their way to Texas and stopped by for a visit!

And Matey got to see his snake again! 

But MORE importantly, Matey got to see thePirate and have lots of silly goofy fun with him. 

thePirates earring. 

Oh dad! Who wants to pose for pictures? It's just Mom being silly... lets go play!
Matey had lots of fun playing with thePirate, reading to Grandma and Daddy, and showing off all his latest and greatest skills (i.e. somersaults). He was Very sad to see them go and can't wait until the next opportunity to hang out with them.

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An Wanna said...

Aside from having to have his picture taken I'm sure seeing the Pirate and his Nay was lots of fun!