Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just keep swimming

His new favorite game: while eating toast with peanut butter, or in this case cream cheese, eat it in a way that will spread the maximum amount of topping on your upper lip then pretend to sneeze until Mommy looks up, sighs, and wipes your face off.

I'm sure he was explaining something very interesting.

Eating his grilled cheese and playing with his tomato soup.
Things are going well. Recently he's been nursing before bed but totally ok with me leaving him in his own bed and falling asleep with out me. He does however need his dinosaurs, a baby brontosaurus and a big triceratops (both plushies). And last night when he woke up the first time freaking out I was able to get him to fall back asleep without the aid of nursing so maybe we really will be able to stop that before he's 5. 

He just ran up to me saying "finger nail, finger nail" and bringing me the nail polish. I told him not right now and he pretended to cry and say "paint, paint" and then ran off to Grammy who doesn't care if hes a girly boy. 


Grammy said...

He is totally at peace with his feminine side and knows it takes Far more than Nail Polish to be a Girl! He is NOT in it for the gender identification, it is simply really cool to have someone paint your nails and it sparkles!
We have now "hidden" the nail polish - Not in the drawer it belongs in anymore - so Mommy can relax ;-}
This boy is SO Far from girly boy as to defy description. If I thought a little polish would tone him down...
I would still honor his Mommy's wishes xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

He just thinks the nail polish is fun! Besides your brother has nail polish for toy airplanes and occasionally painted his nails and he turned out.... ok so that was a bad example. =P