Friday, September 25, 2009

it's hot here.

we've had lots of fun visiting Las Vegas and Matey has had a ball meeting all of his relatives here. Today's our last day and we're going to go out for dinner and take Matey to his first movie: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

He's getting really good at going up on all fours but he mostly just rocks back and forth and slides back down to his start point, but Matey is working hard on actually crawling and hopes to get someplace by six months.

George couldnt help but share the limelight with her cousin Matey.

We love thePirate and miss him lots.


Grammy said...

At least THIS time George was disarmed... Matey could pose without fear - no future as a stacking toy for THIS boy!!!
The third picture that is NOT mommy holding him, wrong wedding ring. PLUS that "elbow to the throat and chin" move is all too familiar to Grammy... he seldom uses it on his mommy.
His eyes are to die for in these pictures AND you can see he has lots of fine white blond hair, he is NOT bald! I kind of hope he gets at least a little of his daddy's curl, he is such the cutie!

An Wanna said...

I can't wait til he can crawl and we have to buy outlet covers and make sure everything that isn't drool proof isn't anywhere near the ground....

And of course George wants in on the limelight. Fred (and possibly JR) owned cameras before she was born. The child has been raised to have pictures taken of her....

El Cid said...

Matey will be scooting along in no time!