Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let me start out with that I'm OK

so we visited the ER today.

This morning when I woke up I could feel that I was passing a stone and that it was on the way out but then this afternoon there was LOTS of pain feeling like another stone was up in the kidney stuck.

After trying a few home remedies to make the pain lessen I was on the floor feeling like I was going to pass out/throw up.

All this while I could hear thePirate in my head saying "we have insurance, go to the hospital!"

So we did.

After hanging out for 3 hours they told me that my kidney and ureter were very swollen so he thought that I had recently passed a stone, but there was nothing on the CT scan (aside from a bunch still up in the kidneys).

Not to call anyone a liar, but that was the MOST painful passing a stone experience I've ever had. Usually its uncomfortable for sure but even with a stone I don't normally feel like puking or passing out.

But they gave me morphine and I'm fine now so fingers crossed that was the worst of it and next time I pass a stone it will be like normal and just uncomfortable and not another trip to the ER.

p.s. Matey didn't like it at ALL.


The Pirate said...

Hey My love,

Send me an email, with your number, I left to book I had it in in some of my stuff apparently. I love you Babe and I miss you and Matey soooo much.

Grammy said...

the doctor also mentioned a cyst on her ovary and maybe the pain was tied to it... she dismissed that idea out of hand. Since it was my cyst/tumors that caused excruciating pain and led to the discovery of the 4 stones trapped in the right ureter it caught my attention but I trust her sense of self.
I took adorable pictures of Matey in the ER room with mommy. ;-}

El Cid said...

That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun; great to know that you are okay!

El Cid said...

Well you better leave all those stones there in Idaho they aren't on my itinerary. - Valinda not ElCid

Beki said...

I like having insurance.