Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're going off the air now...

Well, I don't know when we'll be going off the air but I'm calling Comcast today to try and cut the cable as soon as possible. I got hardly any sleep last night but I never sleep well all alone (with noone else in the house) ((Matey doesn't count)) luckily Matey slept in till 8am.

We're missing thePirate lots, as I'm sure he's missing us too.

Buh is officially on his way to us and I just got the u-Haul confirmation and while its not at the one you can see from our apartment its also not the one 40min away (like last time).

love you all.


Valinda said...

I like him. - George

Grammy said...

you have to turn the tv off if you want that boy's attention!!! We will make lots of videos for his daddy to see. I love the asking for toys one

El Cid said...

I used to do the flying baby thing too with my little ones! They loved it!