Friday, September 18, 2009

Beths Party

It was mostly good.
We went to Chuck-e-cheese and had fun, Matey liked looking at stuff, lights, people.
Then he ate while I ate.
and then it got alot louder in hte building and he was done.
but he was pretty good and didnt start crying until we were almost home.
I've taken pictures, hopefully I'll be able to put them up.


Grammy said...

psst! Tiney, it was George's party and you need to post the pictures as soon as the title of your post so Grammy doesn't come here from the void on Ddonn's blog only to find a slightly shallower void here!!!
I am glad Matey had fun. Which pizza flavor did HE like best? ;-Þ I am very sure in a short amount of time he will be a source of the increasing volume that causes other little people to be 'done' ;-}
almost home is good... as opposed to almost in the car, or almost out of the parking lot...

El Cid said...

We enjoyed having you and Matey at the party!