Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's a Loverly LOVERLY day!

I wrote the words of the post and then put on pictures and now I can't make them (the words) be first. ah well...

thePirate and Matey (note: Matey is not so huge as he looks in this, it's an optical illusion).
Matey is such the goofy grinner... I love it.

This is an older picture (Matey around 2 months) but he still makes that face, I'm sure I'll see it lots more.

thePirate took this hisself the day we went to the beach, this expression (on Matey) reminds me of V, I'm not sure why.

I think I've posted this one before but he's just so happy in this picture.

(we watched a series of unfortunate events last night)

it is a positively BEAUTIFUL day here in the Pacific Northwest

(it's raining)

And theres no sarcasm here. After record breaking highs in temperatures and record meeting lows in rainfall it's about time there was a good ol' fashioned downpour.

today there is.

I LOVE THE RAIN. while lesser folk might get pouty and melancholy from the rain I thrive in it. Its so pretty how could you not be in a happy mood?

maybe i'm a duck.

in any event i will sorely miss my precious rain as I'm leaving right when it getting good but hopefully Idaho will have some rain during its fall/winter season.


An Wanna said...

It rained Few days in one week the other week. Before you came to visit. It was wonderful! Of course the silly people here thought the world was ending or something cuz they got over 1 inch in a day...

Le said...

On the Matey looking like V one I think it is the eyes and the eyebrows (well where they should be) being all scrunched up and looking at you scrutinizingly...

Grammy said...

The second picture he looks SO much like his daddy! ! ! It is the broad stretch across his cheeks...
We get most of our rain in the spring. According to the statistics,
Jan 0.99 in.
Feb 0.76 in.
Mar 1.15 in.
Apr 1.06 in.
May 1.06 in.
Jun 0.74 in.
Jul 0.28 in.
Aug 0.26 in.
Sep 0.55 in.
Oct 0.60 in.
Nov 1.35 in.
Dec 1.14 in.
Not to disappoint you but Nov and Dec it is snow, NOT rain
Have fun on Labor Day ! ! ! I am all set for my blt... homegrown tomatoes and "economy" bacon (as opposed to "dirt cheap" or "ends and pieces")
I love you all, eternally mom

El Cid said...

As far as I know it snows in Washington in December too; so Idaho shouldn't be too different at least in December!