Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation is Awesome

Looking at the bug larvae LittleUncleJon found while fishing.

Yes mom?

Matey is hard working farm hand driving tractors all over the place.

Lining up his toys, just like at home.

Snake! This was taken at Great Grandma's house but Matey was asleep and missed it.

He's not so sure about Fergus, and Fergus isn't so sure about him.

The most tame Irish wolfhound they had.

Matey wasn't able to pet the others, they were too jumpy.
We went to Robert and Cathy's and Great Grandma's and Pat and Carols. Matey loved each place but his Favorite was the Cows (Cathy's). I hope to be able to take him up there again soon, but for a longer visit.

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Grammy said...

I couldn't breathe after Pat and Carol's - 2 indoor cats - but I will be happy to drive him to the cows for a longer visit! ;-mooo