Friday, July 3, 2009

Not at my computer so no pictures

Or maybe I should put: LOTS OF PICS! to trick people into reading it...

So now that thePirate has graduated NCO academy his higher ups are treating him as if he were a Sgt. While in some ways this is cool he still isn't getting a Sgt paycheck and instead of a four day weekend he only gets a three day cuz he got assigned CQ cuz he's a Sgt (just not officially).

Matey is doing SO good today (ie sleeping lots) I could almost kick myself for not being at home and cleaning. Although it might just be that AuntSandy's house is boring! However I greatly doubt that since how here there's a TV bigger than Matey's mommy and real cable to boot.

I want . I'm going to download the free trail as soon as I get back to my computer and prolly buy the real one once I've moved to Idaho. Its a vocabulary builder software and it apparently has games to test your knowledge of words. Now this might just be my mom in me but I love learning new words and then using them.


Le said...

New words are fun! You could teach your baby all sorts of big words so he can creep people out once he starts talking.

Grammy said...

We could start with 'ubiquitous' and go from there!
I love you Tiney! xoxoxox

Grammy said...

: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread


El Cid said...

Grammy kicks my butt at the chicken vocabulary game!