Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time to myself

What ever will I do with it?

Everyones gone. The Aunt, the Grammy, the Grandma...
It's back to just being me and Matey and thePirate.
thePirate recently graduated from his WLC class so hopefully he'll get his SGT soon.
There's still a board he has to go in front of but he doesn't seem too concerned about it.
Although he's not really concerned about much at any time.
Matey is adjusting to just me and thePirate.
He's missing all those extra hands tho.


Valinda said...

I miss him too! Bring him to come see us soon. :)

Grammy said...

The extra hands are all missing him! We are in the midst of moving but I had to check for Matey pics!

El Cid said...

I miss him and I haven't even met him!