Sunday, June 7, 2009

she's here!

She's finally here! It's so nice to have a pair of hands that has done
this three times already. And she's magic too- V can get Matey to fall
asleep without feeding him first!!

This picture is for Aunt Beki- what Matey looks like when he's
not making a funny face.
And a little smile for all of his adoring fans.


Anonymous said...

JE wants to know why he has such a fatty tummy... yeesh! Uncles! All babies have tummies like this until they get bigger... then it is still there, it just isn't noticeable anymore!
I love my smiley grandson and I LOVE the magic Ddonn to be there helping my Tiney feel more human ;-}

Le said...

Oh me! I'm an adoring fan! And to put this polietly at this point in time Ddonn is lacking the ability to produce food so Matey don't smell food on her so he is able to remember he is hungry. When his mom is putting him to sleep he is like I'm tired but I smell food!

Valinda said...

At this point in time? Dude I never produced food. They are just for looks, trust me. :) Valinda