Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pictures for grandma

I got chastized for the lack of pictures while Vdonn was here so I figured I should repent.

Grammy and Matey

(5 sec earlier he was happy I just didn't click in time) thePirate and Matey bonding.

The wall... its so... so... I haven't got the words to describe it...
(being held by Vdonn)

I hope you all enjoy.


El Cid said...

Hey I was there! My girls are very upset I didn't take more pics of him. I tried to explain he was either being held by me or eating the entire time I was there but I was still in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ddonn posting as ElCid? Matey does NOT remember being held by his handsome uncle!
Nice pictures Tiney ;-}

Le said...

I thik the wall is asbusne.