Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All about ME (no Matey pictures)

Before: After:

(color close up)

another one after
I would like to thank Vdonn for making all this possible, and my mom too.
I like it (lots) and hopefully thePirate will like it too.
Now I just need to lose the last 11lbs and I'll be all set to go.
Hair by: Salon Prodigy
Makeup: Mineral Silk Makeup


Anonymous said...

When you said possibly short, I was thinking all over... I do like the color and the shine, it IS strange to see it straight! I think he will like it JUST FINE ;-}

Le said...

It is definitely a good color! Your hair looks thinner? (like not as much fullness) without all the "big fatty mess curls".

Beki said...

You're not supposed to cheat and use different lighting!