Monday, December 21, 2009

Smiley Joe

My bad- there is new things to report: AnWanna bruised my baby (she was just the closest when it happened, he fell when he turned his head to watch the food). Matey has discovered the hallway. He likes to crawl up and down and into the room with the Christmas Tree. And into AnWanna's room, and away from littleuncle Brents room.

Matey also likes to vacuum, or at least play with the vacuum cleaner.

He also likes to play with silverware, no plastic untensils for my boy.
(thePirate: click on this picture to see it big and read what Matey's shirt says.)
Also when you click for a bigger picture you can see his bruise: under his eye on your left, his right.

Matey doesn't like clothing. Taking it off or putting it on. I usually dress him all at once or in sections. On this day i had put on his new pants, and shoved the onesie over his head but he crawled off before I took the jumper from the overnight off. AnWanna decided there needed to be a picture.

He was playing with the tree while I was getting photos and then turned and spotted me and came and got me and gave me kisses and then went back to the tree.

Matey Loves the tree and wishes everyday could be Christmas-y.


Grammy said...

the full tree picture is reversed! Poor old Grammy got confused ;-Þ
He SO looks like his daddy in his "under the tree facing you" picture!

An Wanna said...

I did NOT bruise the baby!